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The Latest : Environment

What Should You Know about Black Carbon? Webinar: April 25th, 11am



What Should You Know about Black Carbon?

Webinar: Wednesday, April 25th, 11am

Those of you concerned about climate change and public health will want to attend this FREE April 25th webinar titled, "What You Should Know about Black Carbon for Climate Action."

H.R. 3122: Cleaning Up Federal Construction Projects



Cleaning up the Flyover

October 26, 2011

Earlier this month, construction began on the "Englewood Flyover." Aimed at solving one of the region's worst rail bottlenecks, this $133 million bridge construction project, funded largely by federal transportation dollars, will reduce railroad congestion on Chicago's South Side by carrying three Metra tracks over four freight tracks.

Metra will clear the air in its train cars


Metra will clear the air in its train cars

By Michael Hawthorne, Tribune reporter

July 20, 2011

Metra appears to have found a way to dramatically clean up the air inside its stainless-steel cars, but spikes of lung- and heart-damaging diesel pollution will remain a lingering problem on the platforms at Chicago's major rail stations.

June Diesel Update


Summer is finally here and with construction season in full effect, it's time for our June Update.

The Clean Construction Act of 2011 is Introduced!

Just last month, Senator Carper (D - DE) introduced the Clean Construction Act of 2011! As we've mentioned, the bill incorporates the use of cleaner construction equipment - such as front-end loaders, diggers, and earth movers - on federally-funded transportation projects in particulate matter non-attainment areas.

Chicago City Council passes Clean Diesel Construction ordinance!


Today, the Illinois Campaign to Clean Up Diesel Pollution, a coalition led by Citizen Action/Illinois and Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago (RHAMC), congratulated the City Council for passing the Chicago Clean Diesel Construction Ordinance. Introduced by Mayor Daley and sponsored by the Chicago Department of Environment, the ordinance will require the use of cleaner diesel fuel and less-polluting diesel trucks and equipment to be used on city-funded construction projects.

Metra Riders Subjected to High Amounts of Diesel Soot


Earlier this month, the Chicago Tribune ran front page story exposing the dangerously high amounts of diesel pollution spewing out of Metra locomotives. The paper's tests found the air trapped inside the commuter cars contains levels of diesel soot up to 72 times higher than on the streets outside.

IDOT's green construction policies yield public health and air quality benefits


July 30, 2010
Illinois Pollution Campaign Touts IDOT for Green Construction Practices
IDOT Action Yields Public Health and Air Quality Benefits

Diesel Campaign Endorsers List


Illinois Campaign to Clean Up Diesel Pollution - Endorsers List