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Make the Big Banks Pay - March and Rally

04/28/2010 - 11:00am
Chicago Financial District

Big Wall Street banks brought on America's worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. While their actions destroyed American's jobs, homes, and hope, the Big Banks got billions in taxpayer bailouts -- and went back to business as usual. They gave their execs about $145 Billion in 2009 pay and bonuses, and now they're spending millions lobbying to kill financial reform.

It is time to take our economy back from the speculators.

Join with thousands of people as we gather outside the office of Goldman Sachs and march down to the Federal Reserve to demand change.
  • Pass the Miller bill and bring jobs back to our state!
  • Create the Consumer Financial Protection Agency to stop finance abuse!
  • Create rules that protect us from bank and non-bank financial scams!
11:00 Meet up at 233 W. Wacker
11:30 March to through the Financial District
12:00 Rally in front of Board of Trade / Federal Reserve Bank