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June Diesel Update


Summer is finally here and with construction season in full effect, it's time for our June Update.

The Clean Construction Act of 2011 is Introduced!

Just last month, Senator Carper (D - DE) introduced the Clean Construction Act of 2011! As we've mentioned, the bill incorporates the use of cleaner construction equipment - such as front-end loaders, diggers, and earth movers - on federally-funded transportation projects in particulate matter non-attainment areas.

Have you contacted your Congressman and Senators? Take Action Now!

Senator Kirk Can Help Stem Diesel Pollution

On May 27th, the Daily Herald published an LTE from our very own Jonathan Doster urging the junior Senator to require and fully fund the use of clean diesel equipment on federally funded transportation projects. As we've argued for months, including clean construction specifications in contracts is a cost-effective strategy to improve air quality, and it represents sound and pragmatic environmental policy that improves public health.

Diesel-engine Exhaust Filter Reduces Harmful Particles by 98 Percent

Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association (one of our wonderful campaign endorsers), recently published a study focused on the cardiovascular effects in men exposed to diesel fumes. They found, for the first time, that reducing the particulate component of diesel exhaust with a commercially available particle trap can prevent these cardiovascular effects.

Science Daily has more.