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This is the year we raise the minimum wage!


We live in a new economic reality. Since the great recession, 58% of the new jobs created are low wage jobs, paying $8.25 an hour.  Adjusted for inflation, today’s minimum wage worker is making $2.50 less than a minimum wage worker in 1968.

You read that right. Today’s minimum wage worker has 23% less buying power than he would have forty-five years ago.

Working Illinoisans are losing ground. The 400,000 minimum wage workers in Illinois need our help.

Nearly three quarters of Illinois voters support a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.50. Now, we need our state legislature to make it happen. Last year, Senator Lightford took the lead in raising the minimum wage by introducing SB 68 in the Illinois Senate. This year, we expect SB 68 to pass in Illinois.

It is time to get to work, and we need your help.

The first step is to sign the petition and find a handful of friends to do the same.

Next, we need you to contact your state legislator and tell them you support increasing the minimum wage in Illinois. Find your legislator here. All you have to say is, "I would like you to raise the minimum wage by voting for Senate Bill 68."

Finally, we need your help spreading the word. Need someone to talk with your group? We can do that. Need materials to hand out after Sunday service? We can get you what you need.  Want to help through social media? Post our message on your Facebook page and get us into your social media universe. Contact John Gaudette, Citizen Action/IL Organizing Director, at

Raising the minimum wage would...

  1. Strengthen the economy: According to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, raising the minimum wage to $10.65 in Illinois will inject $2.5 billion into the state economy.
  2. Help small businesses: Economists now agree that raising the minimum wage will not cause job loss. In fact, it will boost small businesses by putting almost $5,000 more in the pockets of consumers.
  3. Help breadwinners:  The reality is that 58% of new jobs created today are lower wage jobs, and adults are competing for these jobs. In fact, many adults are struggling in full-time jobs to support their families. Raising the minimum wage gives Illinois families a path to the middle class.

Together, we win!