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CA/IL Calls on Governor Quinn to Sign the Ridesharing Arrangements & Consumer Protection Act


For Immediate Release                                     Contact: Lynda DeLaforgue

July 22, 2014                           312-427-2114 X202

State’s Largest Public Interest Group Calls on Governor Quinn to Sign the Ridesharing Arrangements & Consumer Protection Act

(CHICAGO) – Today, in a publicity stunt, Republican Candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner, called for Governor Quinn to veto the ridesharing consumer protection act which was passed by the General Assembly with bi-partisan support last spring.

“In calling on the Governor to veto this landmark consumer protection legislation, Bruce Rauner is throwing the safety and well-being of rideshare customers out the door,” said Lynda DeLaforgue, co-director of Citizen Action/Illinois.

If signed into law the bill requires very simple consumer friendly protections such as requiring drivers who work more than 36 hours in a two-week period to have a chauffeur’s license, and for all drivers to carry commercial liability insurance.

“Citizen Action/Illinois calls on Governor Quinn to do the right thing and stand up for consumers and sign the ridesharing consumer protections act.  By doing so, the Governor will be taking a strong step toward protecting the safety of consumers who use ridesharing companies, something that Bruce Rauner is clearly not interested in doing,” said DeLaforgue.

“Regardless of what kind of car service they use, citizens deserve to have the peace of mind knowing that their driver has passed a comprehensive police background check and drug test and carries sufficient insurance in case of an accident.  If Bruce Rauner thinks profits should come before public safety, then the voters of Illinois best think twice before they vote him into a position of leadership in our state,” concluded DeLaforgue.


Citizen Action/Illinois is the state's largest public interest organization. Building on over three decades of experience, Citizen Action/Illinois is a key player in the fight for social and economic justice at the state and national levels. Citizen Action/Illinois has led campaigns for lower utility rates, fair taxes, affordable and quality health care, insurance and campaign finance reform, and stronger environmental and food safety protections. Citizen Action/Illinois works hard to hold our elected officials accountable on these issues every day in the State House and in the Congress.