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CA/IL Applauds Walgreens Decision to Remain in the U.S.


For Immediate Release                                   Contact: Lynda DeLaforgue

August 6, 2014                                                    312-427-2114 X202

CA/IL Applauds Walgreens Decision to Remain in U.S.

CHICAGO - “Today Walgreens officially announced it will not move its corporate headquarters overseas. Citizen Action/Illinois applauds this decision”, said William McNary, Co-Director of Citizen Action/Illinois, which has been a vocal opponent of the proposal to move Walgreens overseas as part of a tax dodging process known as corporate inversion. “It is heartening that in these days of overt corporate greed, we see an American grown company take heed of what the people care about, which is investments in their own communities.”

“Customers of Walgreens throughout America and especially here in Illinois, where Walgreens was founded and is based, can take heart in the fact that Walgreens is a company that cares about its customers, as well as its shareholders and employees”, McNary continued.

“Walgreens has decided that as an American based company they will continue to invest in jobs and services right there in the U.S.  We are glad that Walgreens feels a responsibility to support with their tax dollars the country and communities that helped build their wealth. Other companies should now follow their lead”, McNary concluded.


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