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Support Working Families in Illinois


Over the past few weeks, Governor Bruce Rauner has taken major steps to begin dismantling organized labor and the middle-class that the labor movement has built.  Bruce Rauner's scheme to strip the rights of workers and weaken their unions by executve order is a blatantly illegal abuse of power.  And we won't take it sitting down!


The goal of Governor Rauner is clear.  His concern for balancing the state budget is a paper-thin excuse that can't hide his real agenda: Silencing working people and their unions who stand up for the middle class.     Join the fight to protect the right to organize and protect the middle-class.  The first step is to sign our petition.  Next, we would like youi to forward the petition to 5 people.  Finally, please consider making a $36 annual contribution to support the work of Citizen Action/Illinois.       "The labor movmement is people.  Our unions have brought millions of men and women together, made them members of one another, and given them common tools for common goals.  Their goals are goals for all America- and their enemies are the enemies for progress.  The two cannot be separated." -President John F Kennedy