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Response of William McNary to Governor Rauner’s 2015 Budget Proposal


 [Springfield] William McNary, Co-Director of Citizen Action/Illinois, said “Governor Rauner’s budget gives a massive windfall to those needing it the least while defunding public services for those who need them the most. The budget the Governor unveiled today is a cold-blooded vision for the future of our state. Many of his proposals will wipe out years of building better working, economic, educational and health care opportunities for the families of Illinois. He has presented a budget that does nothing to heal a $5 billion self-inflicted wound.”

“It is deeply cynical to ask low- and moderate income families to shoulder all of the sacrifice for the state’s budget difficulties and unfair income tax. Not once has Governor Rauner asked corporations and the very wealthy to share in this sacrifice. To the contrary, by allowing the income tax to rollback he has already given the wealthiest Illinoisans a nearly $37,000 windfall and made no mention of new revenues to pay for public services. We suggest the Governor ask the estimated two-thirds of corporations who currently pay no corporate income taxes to share some of the pain he has willingly inflicted on working families.”

McNary concluded by saying “A budget is a roadmap of our values and our priorities. Unfortunately, Governor Rauner’s values and priorities as exemplified in this budget are not those shared by the middle class. We need a fair, responsible budget with adequate revenues and no more cuts to the vital services that have already been slashed in recent years.”


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