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Citizen Action/Illinois Statement on Rauner Budget Veto


Statement By William McNary on

Governor’s Veto of State Budget Bills


(Chicago) "Due to the Governor’s multiple vetoes of budget bills on Thursday, the State of Illinois will officially run out of money on July 1st. Without the authority to pay its bills, the state will effectively shut down and cause harm to thousands in every corner of Illinois that rely on services they need to get by.  


Citizen Action / Illinois believes that this is the wrong path for Illinois and that this impending chaos is completely avoidable. We have been steadfast champions of multiple revenue solutions in order to close the $6 billion budget hole created by allowing a huge tax windfall at the beginning of the year that primarily benefited millionaires. 

However, without an agreement on a spending structure, the Governor will be allowing chaos to ensue. Payments to healthcare providers may slow, delaying the treatment of those that need care. Services to low-income children, the mentally ill, infants, college students, seniors with disabilities and those that need heating assistance will most assuredly be slashed or halted altogether. 


Without compromise and recognition that revenue must be immediately addressed, there will be unnecessary suffering. 


We urge our members, friends, partners and allies in the community to reach out to the Governor and their state representatives to demand revenue, compromise and an end to the partisan bickering."