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Statement by William McNary on the State of the State Address




SPRINGFIELD--Today William McNary, co-director, Citizen Action/Illinois stood with the more than 500 members of the Responsible Budget Coalition, a broad-based coalition of more than 250 organizations who share common values and goals. "We are here together to send out an SOS. After one year in office, Governor Rauner has managed to bring Illinois government to a standstill. The state's fiscal condition has gone from bad to worse under his watch." McNary said.


"There's a lot of talk in Springfield about values, but we have a values-based document in government -- it's called a budget. A budget defines the priorities we hold as a state or as a nation. Today, we are still without a budget and the price of having no budget is being felt by thousands of seniors, students and the most vulnerable members of our state." "We're here to remind the governor that we're not just numbers on a page or entries in a ledger. We are real people who face real pain." McNary continued.


"Citizen Action/Illinois calls upon the Governor to drop his anti-union, ideological agenda because it will not improve the state's fiscal situation and will only hurt the middle class. It's time to stop campaigning and focus on what he was elected to do: to achieve real results for the people of Illinois. It's time to act like a leader and govern."