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Statement from William McNary, Co-Director, on the Results of the 2016 Elections


We were not prepared for Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States. Many of our friends, our neighbors and our members have feelings of fear, sadness that are real. We want to acknowledge that and let you know that you're not alone. We are clear about the values that undergird this organization and we will not compromise on these values. We will stand strong and fight with every fiber of our being against bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, religious discrimination and economic exploitation. That's who we are.


We will look for opportunities to work with our progressive allies in the Congress and the Senate to pass legislation that will result in concrete, measurable improvements in people's lives. We will put forward bold legislative solutions to ensure that we build on the best of the Affordable Care Act; not repeal it and leave 22 million people uninsured or with inadequate coverage. We will fight for jobs with wages that support a family and that can't be exported or out-sourced to the lowest bidder. We will fight for a tax code that is more fair and that prevents corporations from hiding their profits off-shore to avoid paying for our public services, schools and infrastructure in the U.S. We have been at the forefront of these fights and no matter who is in the White House, we will continue to advocate for these issues.


We will not be like our political opponents, including Senator Mitch McConnell, who met with the Koch Brothers and other elite conservative benefactors -- on the very day President Obama was being sworn-into office -- to commit to oppose and obstruct the new President instead of working with him to address one of the worst financial crises in our nation's history.


There is much work to be done. Our hero, Monsignor John Egan challenged us to be "long haul people," meaning the fight for social justice wouldn't happen overnight or end with one victory. We at Citizen Action/Illinois committed to being "long haul people" and hope you'll join us.


We also want to congratulate our victorious endorsed candidates: Susana Mendoza (Comptroller,) Theresa Mah (HD-2,) Juliana Stratton (HD-5,) Sara Feigenholtz (HD-12,) Greg Harris (HD-13,) Lou Lang (HD-16,) Jaime Andrade (HD-40,)Sam Yingling (HD-62,) Michael Halpin (HD-72,) Omar Aquino (SD-2,) Mike Hastings (SD-19,) Cristina Castro (SD-22,) Laura Murphy (SD-33,) Julie Morrison (SD-29,) Tom Cullerton (SD-35,) and Kim Foxx our new Cook County Attorney. We feel empowered knowing that they will be fighting side by side with us.


Let's move forward together bound by our shared vision of democracy for all. Thank you for all you do.