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Statement from William McNary, Co-Director, on Workers Compensation, HB 4248


Statement by William McNary, Co-Director, Citizen Action/Illinois on HB 4248


Citizen Action/Illinois opposes HB4248.   We believe that this bill will make it harder for workers in Illinois to receive just compensation for injuries on the job.Indeed, the absence of any meaningful insurance rate regulation in the bill means that it won’t result in lower rates for businesses.   We have seen this bad movie before.  In 2011, Illinois enacted comprehensive legislation to overhaul the workers compensation system. The goal of this legislation was to reduce the costs of workers compensation claims that insurers pay. Then the insurers would lower the cost of the premiums they collect from employers.

These so-called reforms resulted in dramatic cuts to the benefits that injured workers receive and cuts to the payments made to health care providers that treat injured workers. And while the benefits to workers were reduced, insurers have failed to lower premiums In fact, the insurance industry has continued to enjoy significant profits.

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