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Rauner Comments on Health Care Raise More Questions

July 18 statement on Gov Rauner position on ACA.pdf283.26 KB

CHICAGO-Yesterday, after the 3rd GOP Senate health care bill failed to get the support required for consideration, Governor Rauner spoke to reporters about his position: “I’ve expressed my concern about the changes being proposed to the Affordable Care Act and their negative impact to our most vulnerable residents—both in the expanded Medicaid population in Illinois…as well as the many hundreds of thousands in the standard Medicaid program.”

The Governor claims that he expressed his “concerns directly to members of the Illinois Congressional delegation and the Trump administration.” However, on Monday, Senator Dick Durbin said that he and Senator Tammy Duckworth have sent four letters to the Governor and have never received a response. (Links embedded in full statment.)

Despite numerous attempts by the media and advocates to get an answer, the Governor has not disclosed his position on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

“Instead of dispassionate & tepid statements on the GOP plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and restructure and cut Medicaid, the Governor needs to articulate a public position that is unambiguous.” says William McNary, Co-Director of Citizen Action/IL.

Yesterday, a coalition of faith leaders and healthcare advocates, including Citizen Action/IL, participated in large interfaith service yesterday in Chicago at which participants called on Governor Rauner to endorse their Illinois Health Care Covenant.

“If Rauner really wants residents of our state to have affordable and accessible healthcare, he would join other Republican governors who are publicly opposing GOP efforts and raise his voice more forcefully and he would endorse the covenant,” said McNary.