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Statement on nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Kennedy Vacancy Supreme Court



For Immediate Release: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Contact: Julie Sampson, 773-505-2016


SCOTUS Nominee Is Anti-Health Care, Anti-Working Families, and Anti-Women 

Chicago, IL – In response to President Trump’s announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee, Citizen Action/IL co-director, Lynda DeLaforgue, released the following statement:


“Brett Kavanaugh is the wrong candidate for the United States’ highest court. It’s no surprise that President Trump has nominated someone who believes a president can disregard any law he personally decides is unconstitutional, regardless of whether courts have ruled the opposite.“


“President Trump has sabotaged America’s health care, attacked women’s reproductive rights and taken away workers’ rights. Now, he wants to rig the Supreme Court by choosing a nominee who will use his position to further benefit the rich, corporations and right-wing extremists at the expense of working families and our democracy. We cannot have a court that disregards the rule of law to steal rights from people of color, working Americans, veterans, and women. 


“Kavanaugh has demonstrated through his prolific writings and rulings that he is an ideologue and will take the court in a conservative direction despite established legal precedent.”