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Local Residents Demand Rep. Bean’s Support for HR 3200 with the Strongest Public Option


Schaumburg, IL - Small business owners and local residents rallied outside the office of Congresswoman Bean (D-8th) Wednesday to urge her support for the health care bill moving through the House with the strongest public option possible.

“We’re here today to ask Congresswoman Bean to pledge her support now for HR 3200, the bill that will give the fastest relief to our families, businesses, and taxpayers,” said Valerie Ihara, volunteer organizer of the event. 

HR3200, the House Health Care bill, will simplify the health care system and give businesses real choice, give small business new leverage to drive down costs and increase quality, and make insurance affordable through tax credits and subsidies.  HR 3200, with the strongest public health insurance option, will save taxpayers $85 billion dollars over 10 years, and provide health insurance to 500,000 more Americans from the start, according to the Congressional Budget Office. 

Representative Bean has stated that she wants to make sure the public option operates on a ‘level playing field’ with private insurance, and needs more time to review the details of the health care reform legislation. 

“For the past 12 years or so I have been the president of my Chamber of Commerce,” says Dennis Palys of Wonder Lake.   “As a small business owner and a chamber member, every business owner I know is desperate for affordable health care, as are many of my neighbors. The US Chamber of Commerce tells us that small business is the backbone of this country, but they are trying to defeat health care reform that would improve the lives of small business owners and employees. We don’t need a level playing field for the insurance companies; we need a new game that allows the small business person to even be allowed on the same field to compete.”

In the meantime, small business owners are paying the price.  Without reform, small business’ health care costs will double by 2018, and individuals and small businesses will see their premiums climb at least 10% next year alone. 

“Aetna, without any accompanying explanation, has just dropped a $45,000 bomb on my business - a 40 % increase in premiums to be enacted in six weeks” stated David Borris, owner of Hel’s Kitchen.  “In a soft sales year when we have already asked our most valued employees to sacrifice, we don’t know what we are going to do. How can we afford to even think about hiring additional personnel, or investing in new food production equipment, or purchasing a new delivery vehicle? Every penny in extra profit is eaten up by my insurance.”

HR3200 will increase competition in a state where 2 insurance companies control 69% of the Illinois market, create competition in a state that is seeing premiums climb at 5.5 times faster than wages, and create regulations to hold down costs in a state where 54,534 Illinoisans declared bankruptcy last year; 62% of which were directly related to medical bills.

A health care vote is expected in the House next week.