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Access to Justice Campaign: Protecting Workers Compensation and Civil Justice


 Powerful special interests, led by Governor Rauner, are determined to diminish the rights of individual citizens and the access those citizens have to the court system by promoting the myth of “frivolous lawsuits”. 

Get the facts!  Don’t let special interests distort our civil justice system and intimidate individuals from exercising their constitutional rights and seeking justice when they are injured or a loved one is killed due to negligence.

Citizen Action/Illinois 2014 Annual Report


Citizen Action/Illinois is proud to release our 2014 Annual Report, summarizing the year's issue campaigns and victories.


Citizen Action/Illinois Releases its Illinois Supreme Court Scorecard 2004-2014


As long as Judges are selected and retained by a process that includes elections, it is necessary that the voters have accurate information about candidates to make reasoned choices.  The following summarizes the opinions of the Illinois Supreme Court over the last 10 years and reviews votes for justices up for retention this November.

Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans (IARA) releases 2013 Congressional Scorecard.


IARA's 2013 Congressional Scorecard is a special report on legislation vital to America’s retirees. This voting record reflects how committed our elected representatives are to retirees and older Americans.  Use it to educate yourself on where your elected officials stand.

Citizen Action/Illinois Releases Illinois State Legislative Scorecard



Citizen Action/Illinois is proud to announce the release of its Illinois State Legislative Scorecard. Follow the link below to read the entire scorecard:


Register to Vote!


Register to Vote!

Voter participation starts with registering to vote. New online tools and no-excuses early voting make it easier than ever to cast your ballot.

First, you may want to verify that your registration is up-to-date HERE

To register or update your registration using the NEW Online Registration Tool you need:

Protect Families from Toxic Chemicals


Every day, we use products that contain toxic chemicals with little or no understanding of how these chemicals impact our bodies.  Today, Citizen Action/Illinois and the Safer Chemicals / Healthy Families Coalition are working to remove these chemicals from everyday products. 

Read the 2013 Citizen Action/Illinois Annual Report



Citizen Action/Illinois is proud to release our 2013 Annual Report, summarizing the year's issue campaigns and victories. 


to read the report. 



Affordable Care Act Fact Sheet: "Obamacare and You"



A great resource on all things ACA: "Obamacare and You" is a series of one-page papers explaining how the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” will affect different groups of people.

  to learn more.

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