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Citizen Action/Illinois Announces Endorsements for Municipal Election



The Political Committee of Citizen Action/Illinois met Saturday, January 15th and endorsed the following candidates in the 2011 City of Chicago Municipal Elections:

For City Clerk: Susana Mendoza  

For City Treasurer: Stephanie Neely

For Aldermen:

VIDEO: Responsible Budget Coalition calls for "leadership, not politics"

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On May 18, the Responsible Budget Coalition held a series of eight press conferences across the state to remind lawmakers that citizens aren't satisfied with the stop-gap budget proposals that are being discussed in Springfield. Labor union officials, community organizations, service providers, and teachers called on legislators to end the political games in the capitol and pass a responsible budget. This footage is from the press conference held in Chicago.

VIDEO: "Save our State" rally

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15,000 people rallied at the state Capitol in Springfield to "Save our State," urging lawmakers to raise revenues to balance the budget and fund vital state services.

VIDEO: Health care reform victory celebration

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On April 6 at the Chicago Temple, Citizen Action/Illinois joined Senator Dick Durbin, the Campaign for Better Health Care, MoveOn, SEIU, and health care activists from across the region in celebrating our nation's historic health care reform victory.

Fair Tax Amendment & Economic Justice

Support A Better Illinois

Citizen Action/Illinois is a leader of the A Better Illinois campaign, which is working to restore our state’s commitment to accountability, fairness and a strong middle class—and to build a thriving middle class with good jobs and successful small businesses. The current way of doing things in Illinois is simply not working.

We all know it. We read about, we live it.

Every day.

Our long-term fiscal health is unsustainable. Illinois cannot pay its bills.  

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