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Valuing Public Education – A New Publication by Citizen Action/Illinois


 It’s time to value public education in Illinois – to understand that all of our teachers, students and  communities deserve the best, no matter where they live. Citizen Action/Illinois looks at how we can  lift up public education in Illinois and shares the stories of a few educators.

Click the image below to read Public Education in Illinois: Valuing Teachers, Students and Communities (9 pages):

Sign the Petition! Tell Governor Quinn we need a health exchange now!


Dear Friends,

On April 12th of 2012, Governor Cuomo of New York State signed an Executive Order establishing a health exchange.  Now is the time for Governor Quinn to do the same for Illinois.

We are collecting 2,000 signatures over the next 2 weeks.  Pass this petition to your friends and neighbors.  We need to show our support for healthcare.

Tell Governor Quinn to establish a health exchange today!


The right wing is attacking us every day.  It’s time to stand up again and fight for Healthcare for America NOW!

Sign the petition today - Call on Governor Quinn to issue an Executive Order to establish a health exchange.

A key provision in the Affordable Cate Act is the creation of health benefits exchanges in each state by 2014. These Exchanges will operate as a marketplace for individuals and small businesses to compare and buy quality and affordable health insurance.

The creation of an Exchange for over 1 million Illinoisans is no small task. The fastest way to get this done is through an Executive Order.

Help over a million Illinoisans without affordable health care today. Sign our petition calling on Governor Quinn to establish a health exchange today!


Lynda DeLaforgue

Citizen Action/Illinois


Tell Governor Quinn: We need a health exchange now!

Support the Cigarette Tax to Stop Medicaid Cuts - Read the Cigarette Tax Fact Sheet


Right now, the Governor's office and leadership are debating the future of Medicaid and other critical safety net programs.  While the budget crisis is daunting, there is one solution that takes a huge step towards fixing this problem: The cigarette tax.

Read the Fact Sheet Below


Medicaid is facing devastating cuts without additional funding!

     - Medicaid current budget shortfall: $2.7 billion


Time to Take the For Sale Sign Off our Government


By William McNary, Citizen Action/Illinois Co-Director and Illinois Campaign Finance Task Force Member

Justice Louis Brandeis said, “Either we may have a democracy or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.”  There is a public perception that special interests are purchasing public policy outcomes.

Illinoisans are angry and we have a right to be angry.  People feel like they are losing control of their lives and that they have no power over decisions that affect their lives.

The Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act, Part 2



by Walter J. Kendall III, Citizen Action/Illinois Board Member and Professor of Law, John Marshall Law School

Most of the attention given to the constitutional debate about the Affordable Care Act has been focused on the "individual mandate." People either must have or get health insurance or they will have to pay into the federal treasury an amount of money roughly comparable to the cost of minimum health insurance coverage. Opponents of the law argue that if the law is constitutional it would mean the federal government could make you buy broccoli.

Protect Social Security and Medicare! Read the Ryan Budget Fact Sheet



Last week, Congressman Paul Ryan released the Republican's proposed 2013 federal budget. Their proposal would expand tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, while pulling away critical Medicare and Social Security protections from the middle class. 

Health Benefits Exchange Act - Principles and Fact Sheet


The Health Benefits Exchange Act

Ensures Access to Quality and Affordable Insurance

A key provision in the Affordable Cate Act is the creation of Health Benefits Exchanges in each state by 2014.  These Exchanges will operate as a marketplace for individuals and small businesses to compare and buy quality and affordable health insurance.  Over the last year, stakeholders and political leaders have been working to create an Exchange structure that best serves the families of Illinois.

Citizen Action/Illinois Releases Illinois State Legislative Scorecard



Citizen Action/Illinois is proud to announce the release of its Illinois State Legislative Scorecard.  Follow the link below to read the entire scorecard:


Mcnary to Receive Gentle Warrior Award



Join us in celebrating the work of Citizen Action/Illinois Co-Director William McNary as he receives the 2012 Gentle Warrior Award from the A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum. 

Feb. 25, 6:00 p.m., 2230 S. Michigan Ave.  Click here for tickets and more information.

And read more about the awards below:

AARP launches Health Law Guide



The AARP's Health Law Guide—an online tool to help individuals and families make sense of the health care law—launches today at and


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