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Rep Schakowsky Talks Social Security with Illinois Progressive Organizations


On Friday, June 10th, Representative Schakowsky joined 17 organizations at a meeting sponsored by Citizen Action/Illinois.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current attacks on Social Security and determine what can be done to stop cuts to this and other critical programs including Medicare.  

In attendance:

June Diesel Update


Summer is finally here and with construction season in full effect, it's time for our June Update.

The Clean Construction Act of 2011 is Introduced!

Just last month, Senator Carper (D - DE) introduced the Clean Construction Act of 2011! As we've mentioned, the bill incorporates the use of cleaner construction equipment - such as front-end loaders, diggers, and earth movers - on federally-funded transportation projects in particulate matter non-attainment areas.

Who will pick up Oak Forest patients?



Religious leaders, community members, organized labor, nurses and patients continue to call on County President Preckwinkle to stop the closure of Oak Forest Hospital on May 31st and work with the community to develop a plan that improves health care for southern Cook County.

Read Citizen Action/Illinois Co-Director Lynda DeLaforgue's column in the SouthTown Star:

County Attempts Legislative End-Around to Close Oak Forest Hospital, Residents Fight Back


The fight goes on to prevent the closure of Oak Forest Hospital, as proponents attempt a legislative end-around and the community fights back. 

Citizen Action/Illinois Co-Director Lynda DeLaforgue, as quoted by the AP:  "Why should the area of Illinois with the most low income and uninsured residents be exempt from any law that seeks to protect access to care and quality care?  It is sad to see two great reformers like Rep. Currie and President Preckwinkle go down this wrong path."

Read more here:

Chicago City Council passes Clean Diesel Construction ordinance!


Today, the Illinois Campaign to Clean Up Diesel Pollution, a coalition led by Citizen Action/Illinois and Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago (RHAMC), congratulated the City Council for passing the Chicago Clean Diesel Construction Ordinance. Introduced by Mayor Daley and sponsored by the Chicago Department of Environment, the ordinance will require the use of cleaner diesel fuel and less-polluting diesel trucks and equipment to be used on city-funded construction projects.

Illinois Celebrates the Affordable Care Act's One Year Anniversary

  One year ago, President Obama signed historic health care legislation.  Millions of Illinoisans are already reaping the benefits.  On Wednesday, March 23, hundreds joined Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and other leaders in the fight to reform health care for a rally in celebration of this anniversary. 



Congratulations to Victorious CA/IL-Endorsed Candidates!



Congratulations to Citizen Action/Illinois-endorsed candidates who won in the 2010 Chicago municipal election!


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